Lenzburg (Switzerland)

July 28-30, 2017

For three days, the Company of Saynt George, with 80 reenactors, took Lenzburg and its visitors back to the time of the Bernese bailiffs. In 1444, these bailiffs took up residence in Lenzburg Castle, following the example set by Adrian von Bubenberg, who had various improvements to the complex carried out between 1457 and 1461, including fortifications intended to protect the castle from assault. Its defenses required the maintenance of artillery. The Company portrayed the castle in the year 1461: Adrian von Bubenberg was ending his tenure as bailiff and the garrison was preparing to say farewell.

The public was given a glimpse of life in an active garrison with demonstrations by various artisans. Several times a day, demonstrations of live artillery with cannon and arquebus took place.