Pilgrimage 21

May 14 – 16, 2021

Project Pilgrimage 21 was a decentralised international medieval event organized by the Company of Saynt George, which connected reenactors and friends of living history all over the world in spring 2021. You can find impressions of the projectunder the hashtag #pilgrimage21 on Instagram.

Pilgrimages are about moving forward. About facing difficulties, and even making vows in order to overcome them. They happen mostly outdoors, and they don’t need many preparations. Therefore, they are very well-suited for a medieval event during the current pandemic. May 14th is the holiday of St. Corona.

The project was a decentralized event, taking place where ever people were willing to participate: at home, in their regions or countries. Our goal was, to create a unique experience and unite in the virtual world by sharing pictures, movies, and sounds like a community via social media. Our Facebook group for the coordination of the event had over 800 members.

The Pilgrimage 21 Map visualizes and records the extent of Project Pilgrimage 21 to over 20 countries.