Lenzburg (Switzerland)

July 19-22, 2012

The Company of Saynt George pitched its tents on the grounds of the castle from the 19th to the 22nd of July, 2012, allowing the public to experience life in a camp with more than 100 reenactors. The program included training with the halberd, demonstrations by artisans and a mock court.

For four days, the Company transported the castle of Lenzburg and its visitors to the time of the Bernese bailiffs of the 15th century. Exercises with halberd and pike took place in the castle courtyard and the kitchen tent was filled with activity all day long.

In conjunction with the Aargau Museum’s Year of the Woman 2012, Lenzburg Castle was dedicated to the exhibition “Zuo Lenzburg gerichtet”, meaning “Judged in Lenzburg.” The exhibition told the stories of women who were judged for crimes specific to women and condemned under the law in a particularly harsh manner. During our participation, the honorable court heard the case of Anna Pfister, accused of having adulterous relations and having had an abortion.