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For three days, the Company will transport the castle of Lenzburg and its visitors to the time of the Bernese bailiffs of the 15th century.


We are in the year 1476, after the battles of Grandson and Morat, where Charles the Bold suffered defeat by the federated troups and their allies. The defeat of the Burgundian duke didn’t just signify a couple of victories for the federated states, but also handed them some of the most precious, the most sumptuous treasure known at the time – the so-called Burgundian Booty.

The loot didn’t just encompass nearly most of the Burgundian artillery pieces, but also armour, weapons, standards, tapestries, small precious objects and drinking vessels. The booty was supposed to be transported from Morat to Lucerne, to split the spoils amont the victors. Our fictive scenario latches on here. We are portraying Bernese troups, who are keeping and guarding some of the booty within the walls of the Lenzburg, before the transport to Lucerne moves on.

Depending on the pandemic situation.


Start: 22 July
End: 24 July
Event CategoryPublic event


Venue Name: Lenzburg Castle
Address: Switzerland


Organizer Name: Company of St. George